Vertical production was our option to make the most of all raw materials and further optimize production and environmental resources. Thus, we have created Binatural's special products: GLICERINA, ÁCIDO GRAXO E BORRA. 

Producing in a vertical line means using the entire complex of materials to create new products. Thus, from the biodiesel production chain we were able to extract three other elements and minimize any waste.

Efficiency and Quality

fatty acid
Fatty acid is a product obtained from the neutralization of vegetable oils or animal fats in the production of biodiesel or acidulation of refining sludge, it is a by-product of the treatment of crude glycerin, which are separated by an esterification process. Among other uses, it can be burned in boilers, used as chemical oil, animal nutrition, additives for lubricants, amines, greases, detergents, disinfectants and special lubricating greases.
Dregs are the main product of the vegetable oil and animal fat refining industry. It has a high content of saponified fatty acids and is formed during the neutralization step of the chemical refining of the fatty material. Dregs are an alkaline oily emulsion consisting of water, saponified fatty acids, triglycerides, phosphatides and other compounds in smaller amounts. It is used for a variety of purposes, for example in the soap industry and for the production of a free fatty acid concentrate.
Glycerin is a product of the biodiesel manufacturing process, derived from vegetable oils (soybean, cotton, palm, etc.) and animal fats (beef, pork and chicken). Glycerin has numerous uses, notably in the food, drug and chemical industries.