O biodiesel é um biocombustível renovável, obtido a partir de óleos vegetais e gorduras animais.

Today, the diesel sold in Brazil has 10% biodiesel and 90% common diesel. And the expectation is that this proportion of the use of biodiesel will increase, for the benefit of the environment.

O uso de fontes de energia com matéria-prima renovável faz do biodiesel um aliado não só do meio ambiente, mas da saúde dos homens.

Biofuels are the fastest and most efficient alternative to face the seriousness of the environmental issue. They emit almost no greenhouse gases and, at the same time, exhibit less emission of locally-effected toxic pollutants.

To have an idea of the importance of expanding the use of biodiesel, in Brazilian cities, diesel-powered vehicles are responsible for more than half of fine particulate pollution – a pollutant associated with early mortality from cardiovascular, respiratory and lung cancer diseases. Therefore, the greater the blend of biodiesel, the lower the emission of greenhouse gases (of global effect), as well as of fine toxic particles.

Studies show that the increase from 5% to 10% of biodiesel in the liter of diesel will be under very conservative conditions, but capable of preventing about 2,100 premature deaths (only in the metropolitan regions of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in the next 10 years).

For all these reasons, Binatural is proud to lead the market for the exclusive production of biodiesel, focusing on taking advantage of the vertical production chain, extracting from there other special products, such as fatty acid, sludge and glycerin.

Renewable source
of fuel

Lower emission of pollutants harmful to health and the environment

Possibility of generating income and employment in the countryside

Production process that accepts different sources of raw materials