Social Responsibility | Social Seal

Selo Combustível Social

Social Fuel Seal

The National Program for the Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB), besides stimulating the production of the new fuel, seeks to support the participation of family farming in its production chain.

The Social Fuel Seal is an identification component created from Decree No. 5,297 of December 6, 2004, granted by the MDA to the biodiesel producer that meets the criteria described in Normative Instruction No. 01 of February 19, 2009.

The Seal confers on its possessor the character of promoter of social inclusion of the familiar farmers within the Pronaf. The producer assumes certain obligations described in Normative Instruction No. 01 of February 19, 2009, to be highlighted:
• Acquire a minimum percentage of raw material from family farmers in the biodiesel production year (10% up to the 2009/2010 harvest, and 15% from the 2010/2011 harvest for purchases from the North and Central-West regions; 30% for acquisitions from the South, Southeast, Northeast and Semi-Arid regions as of the date of publication of the Instruction);
• Pre-enter into contracts for the purchase and sale of raw materials with family farmers or with their cooperatives and with the consent of an entity representative of the family agriculture of that municipality and/or state;
• Ensure training and technical assistance to these contracted family farmers; among others obligations.

For the concession, maintenance and use of the Social Fuel Seal, the biodiesel producer must previously enter into contracts with all family farmers or their agricultural cooperatives, in accordance with the provisions of this Instruction. The application for the concession and/or renewal of use of Social Fuel Seal must be made by the biodiesel producer through a protocol at the MDA Family Agriculture Secretariat.